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Connecticut Health Policy Project
  Improving Connecticut's Health Through Information

The Connecticut Health Policy Project is a non-profit, non-partisan research and educational organization dedicated to improving access to affordable, quality health care for all Connecticut residents.

What's New?

April 2014 - Independent Advocates SIM concerns:

April 2014 - Webinar: Measuring quality and value at CrystalRun Healthcare ACO

April 2014 - Independent advocates' SIM concerns - new under service language

April 2014 - SIM comments on consumer survey, finance policies

April 2014 - CT Health Reform progress at 29.3%

March 2014 - Consumer SIM Concerns 3.0

March 2014 - Connecticut gets a C+ on health reform - and a C for effort

March 2014 - CT Health Reform progress at 29.1%

February 2014 - Issue Brief - Encouraging future Medicaid spending projections

February 2014 - Testimony on SB 11 - An Act Concerning the Duties of the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange

February 2014 - Answers to Advocates' SIM questions

February 2014 - Connecticut's Medicaid program success: Significant improvements in access, quality care and cost control

February 2014 - CT Health Reform progress inches up to 28.7%

January 2014 - Consumer advocates questions for SIM

January 2014 - CT Health Reform Dashboard - Progress slows, SIM is a problem

December 2013 - State Innovation Model public comments

December 2013 - CT Health Reform Progress up to 28.3%

November 2013 - SIM Public Comments

November 2013 - Consumer advocates concerns about SIM

November 2013 - CT's SIM - pros and cons of health care reform plan

November 2013 - CT Health Reform Progress up to 27.7%

October 2013 - SIM Frequently Asked Questions

October 2013 - Consumer advocates' SIM Guiding Principles

October 2013 Connecticut breaks through to a B-/C+ on health reform

October 2013 - CT Health Reform Progress up to 26.2%

October 2013 - CT Health Policy Roundtable: CT's APCD


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