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Connecticut Health Policy Project
  Improving Connecticut's Health Through Information

The Connecticut Health Policy Project is a non-profit, non-partisan research and educational organization dedicated to improving access to affordable, quality health care for all Connecticut residents.

What's New?

May 2017 - Dashboard update: Mounting concerns on many fronts

April 2017 - Mistrust in CT policymaking - brief, survey responses, more ideas

April 2017 - Dashboard update: Medicaid relief from DC

March 2017 - Dashboard update: Deep uncertainty, budget cuts and growing mistrust

February 2017 - CT gets C+ for health reform, Mistrust is serious and pervasive

February 2017 - Advocates letter calling for timely, meaningful evaluation of PCMH+

February 2017 - Dashboard update: Uncertainty grows, trust erodes

January 2017 - What you Won't Hear - Busting Medicaid Spending Myths

January 2017 - Dashboard update: Great uncertainty, re-building trust

December 2016 - Help us build trust in CT health care - take our quick survey

December 2016 - Dashboard update: Troubles continue with Cabinet, new Medicaid model and hospital merger oversight

November 2016 - Webinar: Health Care Cabinet reform plan for CT, independent advocates alternative

November 2016 - Dashboard update: Constructive policy processes unraveling

October 2016 - Setting the Record Straight on Broken Promises, Now Let's Move On

October 2016 - Response to Strawman shared/downside risk proposal

October 2016 - Health reform financial models - Downside risk explainer

October 2016 - Dashboard update: A controversial proposal

September 2016 - Comments, alternatives to Health Care Cabinet reform proposal

September 2016 - Sign on letter calling for public input to Health Care Cabinet reform plan

September 2016 - Dashboard update: Troubling cost proposal raises concerns



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