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Connecticut Health Policy Project
  Improving Connecticut's Health Through Information

The Connecticut Health Policy Project is a non-profit, non-partisan research and educational organization dedicated to improving access to affordable, quality health care for all Connecticut residents.

What's New?

May 2016 - Webinar: Potential of palliative care for CT Medicaid 

May 2016 - Dashboard update: Mixed progress, opportunities but lots of work ahead

April 2016 - Medicaid redesign: Pros and Cons

April 2016 - Dashboard update: Mixed Medicaid progress

March 2016 - Advocates warn MQISSP plan will undermine program success and harm members

March 2016 - Advocates letter with concerns about SIM's CCIP plan for Medicaid

March 2016 - Survey of Connecticut ACOs, Survey Results, Survey Brief

March 2016 - Health Reform Dashboard: hospital consolidation delay leads updates

February 2016 - 2016 Health Thoughtleader survey - CT gets C+ for reform

February 2016 - Comments on CCIP standards from SIM for Medicaid

February 2016 - CT Health Reform Dashboard redesign

February 2016 - Web Quiz: Test your knowledge of premiums and the Medical Loss Ratio on Connecticut's insurance exchange

January 2016 - CT Health Reform progress slips a bit to 25.7%

December 2015 - Medicaid Study Group comments to SIM on MQISSP standards

December 2015 - Medicaid Study Group comments on Medicaid redesign plans

December 2015 - CT Health Reform Progress up slightly to 25.8%

November 2015 - CT Health Reform progress remains steady at 25.7%

October 2015 - Issue Brief - ACA and covering the uninsured - How did CT do?

October 2015 - Administration agrees to delay Medicaid redesign

October 2015 - CT Health Reform Progress slips again - to 25.6%

September 2015 - Independent advocates call for Medicaid shared savings delay

September 2015 - Reservations on SIM's CCIP plan for Medicaid

September 2015 - Shared Savings Could Cost Medicaid More

September 2015 - Medicaid Study Group recommendations for shared savings

September 2015 - Advocates' support for SIM under service, cherry picking protections

September 2015 - Issue Brief: Medicaid Attribution and why it matters

September 2015 - Letter calling for stronger SIM ethics standards

September 2015 - CT Health Reform progress slips a bit to 26.2%

August 2015 - FOI testimony on SIM, CAB secret meetings

August 2015 - Advocates' Guide to Underservice Protection Recommendations

August 2015 - CT Health Reform progress slips again - to 26.4%



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