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Connecticut Health Policy Project
  Improving Connecticut's Health Through Information

Make a donation to the CT Health Policy Project And the Consumer Health Action Network

Since 1999, the Connecticut Health Policy Project has provided a respected source of research and information about solutions for policymakers. Through our Consumer Health Action Network we have assisted thousands of Connecticut consumers struggling to access health care and still pay their bills. We have provided hundreds of consumers and community organizations with the resources to make their voices heard in the circles of power where decisions are made.

The Connecticut Health Policy Project receives grants from foundations and government, but it’s not enough. We need your help.

To mail your donation, make a check out to: CT Health Policy Project and send it to us at: The Grove, 760 Chapel Street, New Haven CT 06510

The Connecticut Health Policy Project relies on private contributions to fund our work.  The IRS has found that the Project is a nonprofit organization under Section 501 (c)3. Contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.