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Connecticut Health Policy Project
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2013 CT Health Intern Academy

Questions asked by interns and answered by the speakers

Speakers answered questioned posed by CT Health Policy Project interns. The questions were:

  1. What do you look for in a resume?
  2. What classes do you recommend for students interested in your field? What skills are important to develop? (writing, fiscal analysis, public speaking, etc.)
  3. What keeps you motivated in your job day-to-day?
  4. Do you work in a constantly changing field and how does that affect your job?
  5. What was your career and educational path to your current position?
  6. What risks did you take?
  7. What terms and acronyms do people need to know?
  8. What sources of info do you check regularly?
  9. What’s your best advice to students? What to do and what not to worry about


Arielle Levin Becker, CT Mirror

Bill Gerrish, CT Department of Public Health

Bonita Grubbs, Christian Community Action

Cara Passaro, CT House Democratic Staff

Deb Polun, Community Health Center Association of CT

Doug Hardy, Independent Media Network

Ellen Andrews, CT Health Policy Project

Greg Bordonaro, Hartford Business Journal

Jeff Shaw, CT Association of Nonprofits

Kevin Galvin, Small Business for a Healthy CT