In Their Own Words:

Connecticut Families Losing HUSKY


Thanks go first and foremost to the families who allowed us into their homes and into their lives. Their generosity in sharing their experiences, often with sensitive details, is an enormous gift - not only to these researchers, but also to Connecticut policymakers. All the families felt strongly that the people who make decisions are completely unaware of the realities of life for the people who depend on these programs. They shared their stories in hopes of changing that.

Thanks also to Carla Taymans, Senior Fellow at the Connecticut Health Policy Project and former Executive Director of SHOUT, and all the students at SHOUT who participated in the project. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

Thanks to the Connecticut Health Foundation for their vision in funding and supporting this unusual project.

What You Can Do

In 2005, in response to public pressure, the legislature and the Governor restored eligibility for HUSKY parents. Unfortunately, thousands of eligible children and parents in Connecticut don't know about the program and remain uninsured. Parents and grandparents raising grandchildren in Connecticut families of four with annual incomes up to $29,025 can now get comprehensive health coverage. If you or someone you know might qualify for HUSKY, call 1-877-CTHUSKY or go to the HUSKY Health program web site.

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