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Connecticut Families Losing HUSKY

In the summer of 2003, thousands of low-income working parents in Connecticut lost HUSKY health care coverage due to state budget cuts. This report follows eight of those families for their first year without HUSKY. Elizabeth, a New Haven substitute teacher, stopped taking the blood pressure medications she couldn't afford and, a few months later, had a heart attack. Monica, a Branford nurse, and her husband now pay one third of their income for private coverage. Sherri, a Stratford paralegal, gained coverage when she married on Valentine's Day only to lose it again when her new husband was laid off from his job.

These are the stories of eight typical HUSKY families as they cope with the loss of health care coverage.

What You Can Do

In 2005, in response to public pressure, the legislature and the Governor restored eligibility for HUSKY parents. Unfortunately, thousands of eligible children and parents in Connecticut don't know about the program and remain uninsured. Parents and grandparents raising grandchildren in Connecticut families of four with annual incomes up to $29,025 can now get comprehensive health coverage. If you or someone you know might qualify for HUSKY, call 1-877-CTHUSKY or go to the HUSKY Health program web site.

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