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How much do you know about Health Policy in Connecticut? Take our quiz!

Test your knowledge about enrollment in Connecticut's health insurance exchange

February 2014

1. How many Connecticut residents enrolled in insurance through Connecticut's health insurance exchange in 2013?

a) 36,000
b) 50,000
c) 80,000
d) 107,000

2. What percentage of people signing up for health insurance on the exchange qualified for financial assistance?

a) 10%
b) 50%
c) 68%
d) 90%

3. Which tier of coverage was most popular among Connecticut residents buying coverage on the exchange?

a) Bronze
b) Silver
c) Gold
d) Platinum

4. What percent of enrollees on Connecticut's exchange are age 45 or older?

a) 25%
b) 35%
c) 55%
d) 59%

5. What percent of enrollees in Connecticut's exchange are young adults ages 18 to 34?

a) 21%
b) 24%
c) 35%
d) 50%

Source: Health Insurance Marketplace: January Enrollment Report, ASPE, HHS, January 13, 2014




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