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Test your knowledge about 2013 Medicaid rate increases for Connecticut

January 2013

1. How close are Connecticut Medicaid rates to Medicare levels now, on average?

a) The same
b) 13% lower
c) 25% lower
d) 50% lower

2. How do Connecticut Medicaid rates compare to other states?

a) 20% lower
b) equal
c) 20% higher
d) 41% higher

3. Connecticut Medicaid rates for which type of service average highest compared to Medicare levels?

a) primary care
b) obstetric care
c) other services
d) None, they are all equal

4. How much are Connecticut Medicaid primary care rates expected to rise in 2013, under the Affordable Care Act?

a) 10%
b) 41%
c) 73%
d) 198%

5. How much will Connecticut Medicaid primary rates rise compared to the US average?

a) 25% more
b) the same
c) 56% less
d) 25% less

Source: How Much Will Medicaid Physician Fees for Primary Care Rise in 2013?, Kaiser, December 2012


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