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How much do you know about Health Policy in Connecticut? Take our quiz!

Test your knowledge about increases in Connecticut relative claim costs

May 2013

1. How much are Connecticut individual health claim costs expected to average next year?

a) $250 per member per month
b) $339 per member per month
c) $450 per member per month
d) $514 per member per month

2. How much will individual claims costs change next year from current prices?

a) down 10%
b) no change
c) up 3%
d) up 29%

3. How much will Connecticut’s individual health insurance market grow next year?

a) Up 10%
b) Up 77%
c) Up 100%
d) Up 200%

4. How many Connecticut residents will have individual coverage next year?
a) 25,000
b) 126,997
c) 255,216
d) 500,000

5. Connecticut's uninsured rate is now 12.7%. What will it be next year?

a) 6%
b) 6.7%
c) 12.7% - no change
d) 16.6%

Source: Cost of the Newly Insured Under the Affordable Care Act, Society of Actuaries, March 2013




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