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Test your knowledge about Connecticut's public health needs

November 2013

1. 1) How did the number of Connecticut children under age 6 with lead poisoning change from 2002 to 2011?

a) up 25%
b) up 10%
c) no change
d) down 64%

2. In 2009, did more men or women die of heart disease?

a) more men
b) more women
c) the same
d) it is not known

3. For which age group was cancer the leading cause of death in Connecticut in 2009?

a) children 0 to 14 years
b) young adults 15 to 34 years
c) adults 35 to 64 years
d) edlerly 65+ years

4. In 2010 for which group of Connecticut residents was circulatory system problems the leading cause of hospitalizations?

a) Whites
b) Blacks
c) Hispanics
d) All of the above

5. In 2009 which group of Connecticut residents was most likely to smoke during pregnancy?

a) Whites
b) Blacks
c) Hispanics
d) All equally likely

Source: Connecticut State Health Assessment: Preliminary Findings, January 2013, Dept. of Public Health


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