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Test your knowledge about Connecticut health risks

September 2013

1. How does the percentage of Connecticut adults who are heavy drinkers differ between men and women?

a) the same
b) 10% more for men
c) 10% more for women
d) 25% more for men

2. How much higher or lower is the incidence of asthma among white and Hispanic adults in Connecticut?

a) 20% higher among whites
b) the same
c) 20% higher among Hispanics
d) 60% higher among Hispanics

3. How much more or less likely are Connecticut adults with annual incomes under $15,000 to have diabetes than those with annual incomes over $50,000?

a) 155% more likely
b) 100% more likely (twice as likely)
c) the same
d) 20% less likely

4. What percentage of Connecticut seniors (age 65+) is physically active in a month?

a) 10%
b) 25%
c) 50%
d) 68.4%

5. What percentage of Connecticut adults currently smokes?

a) One in three
b) One in five
c) One in six
d) One in ten

Source: 2012 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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