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CT Health Reform Dashboard

June 2017

2017 Health Thought Leader Survey - CT gets C+ for health reform, Mistrust is serious and pervasive

Current Status

up Deep risk and uncertainty about Medicaid and the ACA from Washington
down Concerning budget proposals to cut health care - more HUSKY parents at risk
Up Senate bill passed and Health Care Cabinet reviewing policy options to control drug costs
down Mistrust growing in CT health policymaking, threatens all progress
down Broken Medicaid promises on downside risk and consumer notices - rebuilding trust from broken Medicaid promises on downside risk, weak evaluation of risky new payment model, useless consumer notices, and lack of transparency
Up Medicaid savings, quality improvement at risk
Up SIM ethics concerns grow

Action Items

  • Begin building trust in CT's health care system
  • Protect consumers and taxpayers from payment models with incentives to deny appropriate care
  • Tell Medicaid consumers the truth about new payment models
  • Avoid past mistakes and protect success with robust evaluation in Medicaid reform finished in time to be meaningful
  • Ensure reforms make sense for Connecticut - follow best evidence, not failed theories
  • Strong conflict of interest provisions in all programs and policies


Medicaid ?

  • Open all PCMH+ planning meetings to public view
  • Tell consumers the truth about risks of new payment model experiments
  • Allow MAPOC committees with expertise to review and hold PCMH+ accountable
  • Troubling PCMH+ evaluation plan – too little, too late
  • Keep administration's commitment not to implement experimental, troubling downside risk arrangement
  • Troubling efforts by ACOs allowed to weaken consumer notices about financial risks 
  • Per person costs under control but at risk
  • Must protect successful PCMHs in new reforms

Payment & Delivery Reform Down

  • Payment models riddled with conflicted interests, threaten cost and quality potential
  • Troubling SIM plan to return to failed model - move primary care into capitation
  • Build on what works in Connecticut
  • SIM process plagued with ethics concerns, little transparency, insular leadership, lack of vision
  • Take strong state action to control drug costs, look to other states for options


Quality Down

  • Quality information confusing, not easy to access
  • Comparative effectiveness research not well used in policymaking or consumer information
  • Serious, ongoing quality problems across CT hospitals
  • SIM Rush to "align" quality metrics, especially for payment, across diverse populations leaves many out, not protective or meaningful

Health Insurance Down

Health Information Technology ?

  • Must protect privacy and security of sensitive patient medical information
  • Troubling HIT Council leadership shift; must avoid past errors, conflicts of interest
  • All-payer claims database development slow, rejected consumer privacy protections

Workforce Down

  • Private nursing capacity initiatives filling state policy vacuum
  • Need more clinical training slots
  • Build primary care capacity
  • New and renewed skill training for current professionals

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