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Were the last words you said, "That's just not right. There ought to be a law"?

Good. That's how it starts.

You could be right, there probably should be a law. But maybe there is a law, and it isn't being enforced. Or maybe there is a law creating a program, but no money in the budget to make it happen. Or . . . .

For help in figuring out whether there ought to be a law or a different remedy and to get the tools to make it happen, go to our Health Policy Decision Tree.

For a fuller explanation of what's available in this CT Health Policy Project's Advocacy ToolBox, click How to use this Site.

If you're not ready for a full commitment, If you only have 5 minutes.

Either way, please sign our GuestBook.

In "Separated by Velvet Ropes" published 5/25/03 in the Hartford Courant's Northeast magazine, Kevin Rennie describes the culture and frenzy at the end of the legislative session. A former Senator, his description is vivid and accurate.


You're about to become an advocate, an honorable calling.

For inspiring stories of successful Connecticut health advocates who started right where you are now, go to our Profiles in Advocacy.

To learn what advocacy is and why you should care, go to Advocacy Explained.

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