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How to Use This Site

Welcome to the CT Health Policy Project's Health Advocacy Toolbox. This site was designed for beginning advocates, especially Connecticut healthcare consumers, who want to improve the health care policies that affect you and your family. However more experienced advocates and those interested in other issue areas will also find useful information.

This toolbox emphasizes advocacy in the state of Connecticut, through state government, providing links and resources for issues better addressed at the national or local levels. Historically, states have had the lion's share of responsibility for regulating and directing health care and public health activities. Over the last decade, devolution of policy direction from the federal government to states has expanded that transfer of control. Among Connecticut state government's responsibilities are health care provider licensing and enforcement, health institution oversight and (a large part of) financing, health coverage for about one in six CT residents through HUSKY, Medicaid, SAGA, state employees and their dependents, regulation of HMOs and other health insurers, public health monitoring and numerous public education programs.

There are several ways to access the resources in this Toolbox.

If you are new to advocacy and have a specific problem to address, start with the Advocacy Decision Tree. For general areas of advocacy, go to our Legislative, Administrative, Budget or Public Opinion pages. If you are looking for a particular tool or document, use the list of Tools, the Site Map or Search the Toolbox.

Each article ends with a list of related Toolbox articles and helpful links. Articles also include links to helpful sites on the web.

Check out our Profiles in Advocacy - stories of successful Connecticut advocate.

For more detailed information, go to Recommended Reading.

The Toolbox was created by the Connecticut Health Policy Project. It is our hope that it will be both useful and inspiring. We'd love to know what you think of the Toolbox. Please contact us with your comments, suggestions, additions, complaints, whatever.

Some issues can be addressed by passing a law, getting one enforced or just by getting the right information to the right person at the right time.

But some are harder. It happens slowly, but it will happen.

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