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Helpful Links

These are some helpful links to advocacy sites on the web. For links on more specific topics, go to the relevant Toolbox topic page from the Site Map.

General Advocacy links:

Turning the Gears of Democracy, CT-N

Empowering People in Need, from the Oregon Food Bank

The Wisconsin Council on Developmental Disabilities Advocacy Tools

Fighting Back on Budget Cuts A Toolkit from The Praxis Project

Speak Up: Tips on Advocacy for Publicly Funded Nonprofits

Activism Tips from

Health Policy Coach

"Getting Appointed to State and Municipal Boards: Action Steps"

"So You Want to Make a Difference from NP Action"

"The Art of Advocacy by the CT League of Women Voters"   

University of Kansas Community Toolbox

American Academy of Pediatrics Advocacy Page

Excellent Advocacy Toolkit from Success by 6 in Florida


Caring Families Coalition

Connecticut specific links:

Connecticut State Homepage

Connecticut General Assembly Homepage

Connecticut State Employee Look-up

CT-N - Connecticut Government televised

Connecticut State Library - ask a research question

Connecticut League of Women Voters' Directory of Connecticut's Federal and State Elected Officials

Connecticut League of Women Voters' Guide to Connecticut State Government

Connecticut League of Women Voters' Guide to Voter Registration

CT Citizen Action Group's Health page